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Polyester (PET) strap recycling program


As the sole Australian Manufacturer of Polyester (PET) strap, Signode encourage customers to participate in Signode’s PET strap recycling program.

Customers will:

• Reduce waste management costs

• Improve environmental stewardship

For further information on Signode’s Polyester (PET) strap recycling program CLICK HERE to download our customer information brochure or
call 1800 685 824 or email us at

Acceptable material for recycling v contaminated material for recycling suitable strap for recycling, PET strap only, no PP strap

FAQ’s for Signode’s Polyester (PET) strap recycling program

As the sole Australian manufacturer of Polyester (PET) strap, Signode continue to look at ways it can support its customers. Our recycling program is our commitment to offer products that are more environmentally sustainable.

Why should I participate in the PET recycling program?

Signode’s PET strap recycling program is an easy way to recycle used PET strap. Signode’s PET strap recycling program may also help your organisation to meet important environmental objectives or commitments.

Can I recycle any strap?

Signode will only accept chopped PET (Polyester) strap. Chopped PET strap can be any colour but must not be contaminated by any other waste or contaminant or other types of plastic strap ie. Polypropylene strap (PP) or any woven fibre straps are not accepted in this program (refer to suitable strap options in this brochure).

What is the difference between PET and PP strap?

PET strap is Polyester strap which is typically much stronger than PP strap. PET is commonly used to secure palletised loads whilst PP is used for lighter applications (Eg around cartons or other light duty applications). PP is also considerably easier to bend and split than PET strap. If in doubt contact Signode on 1800 685 824 or email us at to confirm.

How do I participate in the PET recycling program?

Contact Signode on 1800 685 824 or email us at to register. Signode will assist you in establishing the recycle program at your designated sites, including setting up a strap chopper.

How much chopped strap should I accumulate before it gets collected?

Chopped strap should be stored in bulk bags until pick up or delivery can be arranged. Delivery can be made directly to our manufacturing facility at 30 Fulton Drive, Derrimut VIC.