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Stretch film - cast

Stretch film - cast

Signode’s pallet wrapping stretch film is a high quality film used to securely wrap palletised product for transportation. Signode’s pallet wrapping stretch film provides users with a reliable, quality yet low cost way of stabilising loads. It’s flexible and can be applied by hand and automatic pallet wrapping equipment such as Signode’s Predator Range of Pallet Wrappers.

For further information regarding Signode’s range of stretch film and Predator range of pallet wrapping equipment please call Signode on 1800 685 824

Alternative stretch wrapping film sizes are available on request. For further information contact Signode on 1800 685 824

511320 20um x 500mm x 450m CAST HAND FILM
511325 25um x 500mm x 400m CAST HAND FILM
520199 20um x 500mm x 1630m CAST MACHINE FILM
520249 25um x 500mm x 1305m CAST MACHINE FILM
520309 30um x 500mm x 1086m UV CAST MACHINE FILM