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Meat | Poultry | Seafood


Over the past 40 years Signode have been providing new and innovative end of line packaging solutions for the meat, seafood and poultry industries.

Signode understand the industries demand for hygienic, high speed and reliable packaging systems. Signode offer tailor-made solutions manufactured and designed to improve businesses bottom lines.

We understand that businesses operating within the meat, seafood and poultry sectors by law require stainless steel (internally and externally) packaging machinery for hygienic purposes. Signode therefore provide a complete range of stainless steel strapping machines from entry level semi automatic strapping machines, to fully automated inline strapping machines. All Signode strapping machines are specifically designed for corrosive and wet environments within the meat, seafood and poultry industries. Our strapping machines deliver speed and minimize downtimes cutting customers labour costs and provide positive returns on investment.

Given the importance of food safety and the increasing prevalence of food fraud, it is important for food and poultry producers to be able to clearly identify their products. Signode offers printed strap to compliment export uses to identify products for security purposes. Signode’s printed strap also provides meat, seafood and poultry businesses the opportunity to strengthen their packaging branding.

Signode also provide the meat, seafood and poultry industries with packaging equipment including carton sealers and pallet wrappers and consumables such as stretch film and machine grade polypropylene strapping.

For further information on how we can provide a packaging solution for your business contact Signode on 1800 685 824.