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What is LocknPop?

LocknPop is designed specifically for palletising boxes, bags and frozen or chilled packages. LocknPop is a water-based adhesive that forms a chemical bond with package surfaces that holds firm until it’s time to un-stack the pallets – essentially it ‘locks’ cartons together and enables them to be effortlessly ‘popped’ apart to separate.

Unlike other adhesives, LocknPop does not leave a sticky residue or harm package surfaces. It is invisible upon package separation and is easy to apply requiring very little system maintenance.  LocknPop helps reduce material costs of packaging and helps with the protection of products during transportation by reducing shifting and movement. 

LocknPop provide users with a range of benefits including:

  • Reduced material cost of packaging
  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Provide superior load stabilisation
  • Reduced inline conveyor damage caused by traditional hot melt glues

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