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Australian Made

Signode is the only Australian manufactuer of steel strap and the largest Australian manufacturer of Polyester (PET) strap.  Our Derrimut and Kurri Kurri facilities manufacture product with with safety front of mind.  Our steel strap promotes OH&S safe work practices with deburred strap edges, whilst our PET strap is manufactured using post industrial raw material only.  This ensures a quality, consistent polyester strap which maintains it integrity across even the toughest of applciations.


Polyester (PET) Manufacturing Site.  Derrimut, VIC

Opened in 2000, the Derrimut facility has changed significantly with the demise of six Polypropylene lines, and two Noel pre-stretch machines were replaced with the more sustainable growth of PET. Two extruders operate Monday to Friday 24hrs per day in the safest and most efficient PET facility in the Signode global group. We have 21 staff and operators managing procurement, national logistics, plastic operations,  strap manufacturing, spare parts and warehousing. The team supports customers in all states of Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

In 2014 the output of the plant was 3,890 tonne, with expectations that the output will exceed 4,000 tonnes by the end of 2015. Well over 300 tonnes of resin are purchased, sorted, blended, dried and processed each month to make our high quality product. Each product is individually managed from material blends, line configurations, temperatures and speeds to produce a unique solution for each application. Customer feedback through the sales reps is important and enables us to continually  monitor and improve our performance.


                                     Signode Polyester PET Manufacturing Site


Steel Strap Manufacturing Site.  Kurri Kurri, NSW 

The Signode facility at Weston NSW manufactures various grades of steel strapping and other packaging consumables.

The heat treatment process is a 10 strand line and is capable of producing both Magnus and Apex strapping in 32mm, 19mm & 16mm width products. Gauges range from 0.48mm to 1.45mm. Straps are painted in either black, brown, green or zinc coatings dependent on the steel grade and the customer’s preference.

The plant is capable of an output of 20,000 tonne of strapping on a 5 day 3 shift operation and supplies markets mainly in traditional ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Balelocks used in the wool baling industry are manufactured on site and supplied to both domestic and export markets. A wool strap is a high tensile magnus strap and wool balers use the strap to retain compressed bales of wool for export purposes.

USLM M straps are manufactured on site for local customers. The strap is used as a lifting strap and can lift a load of aluminium of up to 2200kg per strap. The plant also manufactures a variety of seals for use on steel and plastic strapping. Magazine type seals are supplied to end users of automated equipment along with a complete range of SO & SP seals for manual applications. A USLM seal is also manufactured in house for internal and external sales.

Angleboard is used for protective packaging and is also manufactured on site. The two predominant sizes are 50mm and 60mm widths in various lengths to satisfy specific requirements for each customer. The angleboard operation is capable of 2000t p.a. but currently only operates on day work.

Signode steel strap manufacturing plant